jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013


World Cup qualification was at stake for Spain last Tuesday in Paris. They could not fail and they did not. “La roja” made a great match that once more did not fail in a major game. Referee forgot cards in the first half and French players took advantage of it to make five or six really dangerous tackles. In the second half, Pogba committed two very silly actions. Firstly, he hit with his knee Xabi Alonso’s face. A minute later, he tackled the other Xabi with a clear intention of injuring him. It seemed that he wanted to get self-expelled. It is a good thing this time referee did not give French players more presents. The main gift was refusing to indicated a very clear penalty committed by the French goalkeeper over Pedro. In any case, let us forget referee. Let us talk about the great work of Iniesta or the great couples formed by Xabi Alonso and Busquets in the midfield on the one hand, and Pique and Sergio Ramos in the back line on the other. Let us talk about Pedro who has already scored ten goals in this qualification stage and he once more scored yesterday the victory goal. And finally, let us talk about Valdes who perfectly replaced Casillas by saving several some very clear goal occasions. Now there are three matches left with national teams such as Finland, Byelorussia and Georgia. They must prevent unexpected events like the one lived with Finnish players last Saturday in Gijon. Lesson should be learnt.

Apart from this, all major national teams fulfilled the goal except England who drew in Montenegro and Argentina who also drew in Bolivia, in a match that once more Argentinean players felt the great effort that means to play from so many altitude meters. If you do not believe this, ask Messi about it. He ended up vomiting because of the high fatigue. In the coming week, champions league returns. Football schedule does not have a break so let us enjoy the show.           

miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013


It is not only decided but it is also signed. Josep Mourinho will leave Real Madrid at the end of this season according to both Marca newspaper and Cadena Ser radio station.

He asked for cracking players and they were signed up. He asked for the full control of the club and he was given full powers. However, the one that a good day was considered “the best coach worldwide” , has won just a few trophies for Real Madrid. He has not been able to introduce a style and above all, he has not been able to make enjoy supporters through an attractive football. He got into trouble with press, supporters, and most of his own players. Perhaps this last point has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back. According to Marca newspaper, several players have told Florentino that if this man continues the following season, they will leave the team. Apparently, part of those players are major fooballers. Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso? Even another one could be Cristiano Ronaldo who is thinking too much the chance of renewing. This bad-mannered, mean and obnosious Portuguese has tarnished Real Madrid’s image by doing things like poking his finger in a coach eye who is fighting cancer right now. In pitches either nationals or internationals where in the past Real Madrid was applauded, no it is booed. Not to mention the harm that he has done to “la roja”, which plays two crucial matches in the coming days. We must to admit the Mourinho’s departure is not only going to be positive for Real Madrid. It will be positive for the Spanish national team, the Spanish premier league, children, and Florentino Perez. The question is: where will he train next season? Inter de Milan, Manchester City, Chelsea, PSG, …? Where he will never train, neither next season nor any season, is in Barcelona. Why? Because in such an institution there is no space for riffraff like him.

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013


It was said by Xabi Hernandez. “this block needs a historical comeback”. Told and done. Barsa made the perfect match yesterday. Since the first until the last minute. Mascherano exerted as a leader, Jordi Alba defended, attacked and scored, Busquets was everywhere, Xabi and Iniesta played the ball like only they know to do it, Messi acted as a true gold ball player, being able to draw the match on his own before the half-time, Villa played as a “9” scoring the 3-0 and Alexis assisted Alba in the fourth goal. We saw the usual Barsa again. The Barsa that pressures, plays, and attacks. The only fright that we had was at the beginning (1-0) as Niang got completely alone in front of Valdes and shooted. Thanks God the post blocked the ball. Luck was on the Barcelona’s side yesterday. After that opportunity, Messi scored the second goal. Champions is like this. It is not enough to play good. Luck also must be on your side. It is also outstanding having a referee who does not harm you like the one Barcelona had in the previous match. The group joined forces for Tito. We do not really know whether there was a videoconference or not. What we indeed know is players gave everything for him. Lesson has just been learnt. Heat rounds last 180 minutes and you cannot relax neither the first or the second match. Barsa did that in the first one but fixed it in the second one.

Like Messi said: “many people are looking forward to seeing the Barsa’s cycle to be ended”. AS newspaper published yesterday the following front page: “COMEBACK OR END OF CYCLE” . There were many champagne bottles ready to be uncorked, but it was not possible. No elimination no end of cycle. I am very sorry. I know many people did not barely slept last night and others have even slept at all like Mourinho, Ronaldo or Karanka.

And the following Friday draw will take place. Knowing the usual luck of Real Madrid, I am going to forecast its rival. Either Oporto or Galatasaray. One of both. However, Barcelona will play Bayern and we will live an authentic spectacle by watching the two best teams worldwide. The show must go on !!!

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013


Real Madrid won in Camp Nou (1-3) and reached the final of Spanish King Cup as well as Atletico de Madrid that drew in Seville (2-2). We will have a Madrilenean derby next May. Date is not set yet. Stadium neither. Real Madrid wants to play in Nou Camp. Atletico de Madrid in Vicente Calderón. You can do your bets. My bet is Nou Camp because Anger Maria Villar will probably want to provoke Barcelona’s supporters.

In England, Benitez made clear his intentions for the end of this season. After the FA Cup match against Middlesbrough that Chelsea won 0-2, he announced his decision of leaving Chelsea at the end of this season. Chelsea supporters sang songs against him during that match and he surprised everybody by saying: “they are wasting their time with such songs. They can be relieved because I will go away in June”. Apparently, he has not felt supported by both Abramovich and supporters and did not like being called “interin” . On March ninenth, Chelsea will visit Old Trafford to play Manchester the next stage of FA Cup. Can you imagine Chelsea winning FA Cup? What would sing Chelsea’s supporters that day? Benitez please stay here? Some Media state he will be replaced by Mourinho. Will Josep come back to Stanford Bridge?

This weekend United plays Norwich. The Reds have their mind on the following champions league match that will take place On Wednesday sixth in Old Trafford Stadium. It is theorically an easy match so they will not probably make a big effort. However, Real Madrid will play Barcelona in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. They will have to do a great effort if they want to win. Although, taking into account the Josep Mourinho statements several months ago saying that they had not any chance of winning this championship, maybe he will set a lineup full of reserves. In that case we could see another 2-6 like we did in two thousand nine. The agenda keeps being interesting and we will pay full attention to the various matches in Europe.

By the way, I do not want to finish without mentioning the great deed achieved by Swansea. This Welsh team won the Capital One Cup against Bradford in an easy match (5-0) . Michael Laudrup (his coach) states that the key is that this team has kept the same philosophy for the last six years. One of his best player, the Spanish fooballer “Michu” urges him to stay in Swansea at least one season more. This win has been the most important one in the whole club history (101 years) . This Welsh team played in the fourth division twelve years ago. Now they are just winners of this major trophy. Congratulations !!!